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City:  Monterey
Age:  25
Sex:  M
Rate:  Daily: $350/6 hrs-negotiable   Hourly: $45
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night life, sports & recreation, arts, cuisine & dining

Life Styles
cool, fun, adventurous, partying

Activities of Interest
nightclubs & bars, theatres and movies, restaurants & pubs, sightseeing, arts & museums, outdoors & sports, shopping, seniors activities

Dress Styles
hippie/cool, jeans & t-shirt, casual, formal

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Companion for the Following Cities/Areas
San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Redwood City, Santa Clara, San Jose

Details and Services
Im a very mature,and soul loving type of guy. I'm 25 years of age. I am a very outgoing person who love to have fun and put smiles on others. I can suggest a wide range of things that can be fun , such as Exhibits, Theme Parks , Theatres , Restaurants , and such. I myself enjoy night fall acitvities the best. Why? :) I believe everything is enjoyable at a more relaxed hour. For an example, how about a Java house. A walk along a nice ambient lit strip. Enjoy a nice coversation, cure some of that curiosity with questions and answers and so on. I love conversation. I believe that nothing that comes from your mind is a waste. Let's talk about it. :) How about a bite to eat, we can even make it a small one pending on how hungry we are. A nice sandwich shop sounds good or pizza , that's if we want to get more out of our time , you know like a nice movie. You like to have fun, let's try a race track where can drive the cars ourselves We can putt it up in a game of miniture golf. You like the ocean? That's always a good place to unwind and let your mind be free. Listen to the ocean sometimes, it makes music. Listen closely if you try it. Just a few examples. I love suggestions, what do you think is fun, whatever it maybe im open for it. You like night clubs? You wanna dance or listen to live music over a conversatation and a drink? The day will be ours. Let's go get it. My car or yours, we'll get there.

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