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City:  Glendale
Age:  34
Sex:  M
Rate:  Daily: $750   Hourly: $75

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night life, sports & recreation, arts, cuisine & dining

Life Styles
cool, fun, adventurous, partying, sophisticated, business-oriented

Activities of Interest
nightclubs & bars, theatres and movies, restaurants & pubs, sightseeing, arts & museums, outdoors & sports, shopping

Dress Styles
hippie/cool, jeans & t-shirt, casual, business casual, business style, formal

Languages Spoken
English, Spanish (some), Hungarian (some)

Companion for the Following Cities/Areas
Los Angeles

Details and Services
true native of los angles. my family connections have
afforded me access to the finest things L.A. has to offer. but my own personal wisdom gave me the insight,
to have spent the last 20 years discovering all the abundance los angles has to offer. from the dank-est
bars the secert sanctuaries of los angles's
forests and beaches. im am also a professinal working
in the film industry. i can get you on sets .and behind the
scences. i can get us into the coolest clubs in town
like the rainbow. or the viper room. and show you things
that even most natives dont know about. old hollywood
secert locations full of mystery and lore. 50 years from
now there will still be things in loas angles i havent seen
imagine what i could show you.

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