Safety Issues

Safety is an important concern when meeting someone for the first time. It is not our intention at all to discourage such meeting, but we would like to make both clients and companions aware that the possibility of something going wrong always exists. For this reason, both companions and clients have to play it safe. Please note that the possibilty of problems can arise between anybody meeting someone new, not just between members of this website.

Why Could Things Go Wrong?
Things could go wrong because we do not live in an ideal world. The laws the govern the world also apply to EntertainmentCompanions. Any problems that can occur in life can also occur between people meeting via Your advantage here is that we are informing you about potential problems and preparing you on how to handle them.

What Could Go Wrong?
You can be taken advantage of by someone who is dishonest. This can apply to both clients and companions. Here are some things that can happen:

  • You can be tricked into calling a charge-per-call number. Someone will send you a message and ask you to call the number and when your next phone bill comes in, you will notice a big fee. To counter this, only call local numbers or, if the call is long distance, make sure the are code is familiar. You can always insist that communication be via email or that the other person call you instead.
  • You can be tricked into making a payment you do not want. For instance, the companion may ask the client to make a deposit payment by credit card before the meeting and then the companion never shows up, or the client may ask the companion for a small loan to pay for the taxi. As a guideline, companions should not have to pay any money at any time, and clients should not pay any money until AFTER they meet the companion.
  • You may be abused either verbally, mentally, or physically. The possiblity of this happening is remote, but it still exists. A client may think that because he/she is paying, it means they can get away with things. Or a companion may try to take advantage of a client in some way. You must not let the situation reach this point. If you suspect something wrong is going to happen, just leave. If the other person persists, call the police. This applies to your dealing with any person, not matter who they are or how you meet them.

Safety Guidelines
Now that we know that things can go wrong, we can take precautions to make sure that we are safe. Here are some guidelines which we recommend that you follow:

  • If at any point you become suspicious or uncomfortable with the way things are going, just stand up and leave
  • If you are in a threatening situation, call for help
  • When you schedule a meeting, let know by sending us an email or using our contact page. This will create an official record of your meeting
  • Let a friend know about your meeting
  • Use your own transportation or public transportation to travel to and from the meeting place
  • Always meet for the first time in a public place such as a cafe, restaurant, park with lots of people around, etc. You should spend at least 30 minutes in that same place to get to know the other person and make sure you feel safe with them. If not, then cancel the outing
  • Ask to see identification (e.g. driver's license). Record the number and call a friend if possible to give it to them
  • Try to stay in public places until you feel comfortable and safe being with the other person
  • Whenever you feel uncomfortable doing something, you should say so

How Does Help?
While it is you, not, who is responsible for your safety, we still have many measures in place for your safety. Here are some things we do:

  • Anybody who uses this website is a registered user. This means we have basic information about everybody. While this information is confidential, it is available to authorities in case of any investigation
  • Clients who use the website must pay a fee by credit card. This means that their identity is known
  • All activity on the website is logged, including initial communication
  • Both Clients and Companions can notify us about any meeting that takes place, so there is an official record in case of a problem
  • We are here to help ease your concerns by answer any questions you may have and providing advice if needed

Should I Worry?
After all this talk about safety, you are probably wondering if this is safe at all. Actually, the possibility of trouble is remote. We just have to mention all this because it is your safety we are talking about, and that is important. All you have to do is play it safe.

Remember, in the end you and you alone are responsible for your safety. Use your judgment and play it safe.


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